Quinn's internist visit

Poor Quinn, I think he hates all doctors now. He had an internist appt on Thursday last week as a follow-up. We've been giving him all his drugs and food, but he still has problems with vomiting and diarrhea. Not as much, but enough that we had to make an appt with the vet on the previous Tuesday to see what could be done. After the vet visit, we got (even more) drugs which seems to have helped.

On thursday, we brought him outside and the poor guy avoided the truck. He did not want to get into it and everytime we got close, he would veer off. I can't really blame him though, every single car ride he's been on for about a year has been to a doctor. We drove to the internist and Quinn threw up outside in the grass. We brought him inside and when it was our turn to go into the office, Quinn headed straight to the outside door. At least once we were in the office, he settled down and laid on the carpet while we spoke with the doctor.

We decided against a second ultrasound because it didn't matter what we found, there was nothing that could be done. Instead we decided to do another gastrin level test. He had gone up so drastically in 1.5 mos (300+ to 770; normal is 30-70). We wanted to see where he was at this point, we're hoping his gastrin level went down (which is possible). Doc said once the gastrin level hits 1000, it gets harder to control. So the tech took him into the back for the blood test. We don't get the results back for one week, so hopefully we'll find out at the end of this week.

The saddest part was after the test and Quinn was back in the room with us, we were just waiting around so we can go home. The tech opened the door after 10 min. When Quinn saw her, he tried to hide under my chair! I think the poor thing got so tired of the poking, prodding, needles. At least it was finally over and we headed home.

He's doing better now. We don't think he's thrown up since the internist visit. He seems quite content and plays with Max, the foster. He shows a lot of interest in what we're doing, especially in the kitchen. With luck, he'll stay pretty stable for a while.