Doggie/People vacation

Back from vacation and its is pretty darn cold here after Tucson! All the doggies are back home and in their typical routines now. I think Quinn is the only one who really missed being at home.

I went to pick up Quinn from Linda's house when we got home on Monday evening. Linda is really great for taking Quinn while we've been gone. He has so many needs: 3 meals a day, lots of meds an hour before he eats, and constant vigilance in case he needs to run outside to throw up. When I went to Linda's house, Quinn saw me come in and headed straight for the door. He wanted to get home so bad he kept looking back at me wondering when we were leaving. She said he was really good and only threw up a couple of times. I think Quinn was ok at Linda's, but he's extremely comfortable with routine and this is the first in a very long time that he's had to stay at a stranger's house for a few days. Hopefully Linda will be willing to take him again in the future.

Sheba stayed with Jen and Din and of course they are a lot more active with Sheba than we are. For a 10-yr old dog, Sheba loves walks and playing, but we've been pretty bad about activity recently. So Sheba of course loved being at Jen's house. She lounged on their comfy seats and got nice long walks and fetch sessions. She probably came home kicking and screaming, especially since she has to share our attention with two other dogs in the house.

I believe Max had quite a ball at Timojhen's house. He got to play with Molotov (their 14 yr old lab mix), Lulu the cat, and Troy, their 9 mos old son. The good thing is that Max did not eat Lulu. Whenever they came into contact with each other, as long as Lulu didn't run, Max backed off. As soon as Lulu started running, Max would chase her, but nothing would happen. The first night, Molotov and Max played a lot, and it pretty much continued through the weekend. By the time Max left, Molotov was pretty exhausted. Max was also great with Troy. Apparently Troy is at the point of touching a lot of things, and whenever he starts poking at Molotov, he just gets up and out of the way. However Max would just sit there and let Troy all over him. When Max got tired, he would just lay there and let Troy crawl all over him. Max also enticed Nancy to call him on the bed the first night. After fighting for spaceand listening to the snoring, the next day he was banished off the bed. Max simply walked out of the bedroom and slept on their family room couch. He did spend a few more nights on their bed, but I'm really surprised since Max is a total bed hog. I think Timojhen and Nancy really liked Max and would probably dogsit him again in the future...yay!

So overall, I think the poochies had quite a fun vacation while we were gone, but its good to have them back home.