Keebler, the chocolate elf

We got our first foster of the year last wed 1/21. Keebler is a 6 year old, 95lb beautiful chocolate lab. He originally came to LRR as a puppy and got adopted. Unfortunately his family had several children and were no longer able to spend time with Keebler, so they gave him back to LRR.

I gotta say that Keebler reminds me of one of our old fosters, Winston. Both of them were very large with beautiful brown colored fur, and both of them are extremely affectionate. If you're sitting down, Keebler will come right up to you and put his head in your lap waiting to be pet. He won't move his head at all while you're petting him. If you're standing up, he'll lean against you (warning: brace yourself!) and wait for a good butt scratch! When I picked up Keebler, Mike (husband) cuddled more with Keebler than with me!

I took a quick picture of Keebler with my phone camera which I'll post. As soon as I get more pictures of him, I'll post them up.