Its been a while

Its been a pretty long time since I've updated the journal. We ended up adopting Max and I've been so busy with his goofy behavior that I haven't updated the journal in quite a while. I'll have to start writing regularly about all the silly things the dogs are doing now since we're probably not going to foster for a while yet.

Sheba used to suffer from seizures every few months. We didn't see a seizure from her for a couple of years now, so we figured it was over. Strangely on sunday we were talking to some friends about the same subject. Later that night when we were home, Sheba ended up going into a seizure! The poor thing, this one lasted about 3.5 minutes. She was having some problems, but it seemed like she was a little more aware of her surroundings during the seizure than in the past. Previously she seems oblivious to what is happening, but during this one she didn't seem quite as deep though it lasted longer. The good thing is that she didn't seem to suffer from any after effects. I hate it when that happens! There's nothing we can do but watch and try to keep her calm.