Trail of breadcrumbs...

Got home today and looks like Max was really busy. I found a trail of items that wound around the entire upstairs hallway. Not only did Max pull clothes and a belt from the bedroom, but he also picked up a lunchbox, shoe, and winter hat from the kitchen and brought them upstairs. I have no idea what he does during the day, but he must move around a lot.

Max is becoming more active. I'm not sure if its because he's feeling better from the antibiotics or because he's more comfortable in the house. He's started barrelling towards me when I'm crouched down, doesn't quite understand the concept of brakes. He's also trying to kiss me by putting my entire chin in his mouth. Definitely a lot more pushy about getting affection or food from us now. I've had to push him away in exasperation a few times now.

Max is more active about playing too. He's tried to play with Sheba and Quinn a few times (most of the time our dogs just ignore him). Plus he's been more intent about retrieving anything inside the house. I can definitely see him turning into a retrieving maniac.