He snores all the time!

Max is still snoring up a storm. The funny thing is that he snores when he's not really sleeping though! Last night, he was resting on the kitchen floor with his head on his paw and before his eyes closed, he was snoring. Goof. He does that in the bed too. He'll be laying on his side and start snoring, only he's definitely not asleep yet.

I think the lack of space is starting to get Mike a little grumpy. Three dogs on the bed gets a bit crowded, especially since they seem to prefer Mike's side. I've been sleeping ok since I have enough space, so I know Mike definitely doesn't. Since Quinn seems to be getting better, I think we can probably let him sleep on the dog bed again (we've been forcing him on the bed so we can hear him jump off if he has to go out in the middle of the night). We'll have to see whether we can get Max to sleep on the floor. Max doesn't hesitate about jumping on the bed as long as there is someone already in it.

We'll have to see how the sleeping arrangements work tonight or Mike may give up and go sleep in the guest room.