Sheba likes him!

Keebler had his first prospective parents come to visit last saturday. The adopters were checking three dogs that weekend, and already have a 10-yr old yellow lab, and a cat. I don't think they were too crazy about some of Keebler's antics. Surprisingly Keebler was very energetic while they were here, most of the time he's pretty mellow, and I think they might have been a little put-off by it. So Keebler is still here, digging further into our affections everyday, including Sheba and Quinn!

Starting less than a week ago, Sheba and Quinn have begun interacting with Keebler. That is surprising because after having so many foster dogs through here, they've become a bit more cranky and don't really play with the foster dogs. But Keebler and Sheba have starting playing chase (Sheba's favorite game) and have played a few times now. Keebler and Quinn have had barking contests, mostly because Quinn doesn't really know how to play with other dogs; whenever Quinn gets excited and wants to play he just starts to bark.

We're really enjoying Keebler in the house. He's so very affectionate, and loves to be pet, touched, and acknowledged. His funniest quirk is his habit to wriggling his backend so much that he walks towards you with both his head and his butt.

Keebler is still so very skittish and we're not sure why. I'm not sure what has caused it to happen, but sometimes if you walk too fast towards him or point something at him (like your finger), he bolts and won't come near you. We're hoping that he'll learn to become more confident over some time.

I can't wait to meet the perfect family who will love Keebler, because he deserves a great home!