Food hound!

We were able to get some nicer pictures of Keebler, so I've posted them now. Although I think Keebler is always be a bit skittish, he's gotten more comfortable since he's been at the house for a while now. Unfortunately he seems to have either picked up two bad habits, or he's comfortable enough to now show those bad habits to us.

He's a barker, and he barks at almost anything and everything. Every morning, he stares out of our bedroom windows and barks at something; we have no idea if its real or not, but he has a heck of a bark. A squirt of water will usually calm him where he no longer barks, but whines pretty loud (he learned that one from Quinn).

Keebler is also a voracious eater, I think I've mentioned that before. He's such a counter surfer! Last night, he took the rest of Mike's chicken sandwich right from the counter when no one was paying attention. The unfortunate side-effect of that was that he was QUITE gassy the whole night! I hear it was pretty potent. I was lucky since Keebler decided to keep Mike and his friends company last night instead of hanging out with me, because I don't think I could have taken the exposure! :)

Keebler is still quite a very sweet dog. He does love affection and sometimes he'll sneak up on the bed at night which means we get stuck with three dogs and two humans on a king-size bed (not terribly comfortable). He's very food-motivated, so it was easy to crate-train him. Every morning as soon as we pull out the doggy treats, Keebler almost bolts straight into his crate so he can get them.

We have a potential adopter and her black lab coming to see him this Saturday. She's coming from York, PA so she's going to try to get all three of her visits in at once. She's supposed to be very doggy-crazy, so we're looking forward to her visit. I hope she and her dog will be a good match for Keebler, he really needs a great home that appreciates all his great personality traits!