Cat Dog

We've discovered that Keebler thinks he's a cat. A few days ago, we caught him washing his face with his paw! No kidding, at first we thought he was just licking his leg because it was bothering him, but then he used that leg to wash his face. He repeatedly would lick, wash, lick, wash. Very weird.

We had some friends over last week and one of them had a laser pointer. He randomly took it out and shined it in front of Keebler. Apparently Keebler loves this, because he started to chase the light and he had a ball. We've gotta see if we can find a laser pointer somewhere to entertain him because he still doesn't fetch balls at all.

Rubbing Keebler's belly last week, we discovered a lump right between his chest and belly, about where his legs are. The lump is about the size of a pea and a bit hard. Sheba has a lump almost in the same place and approximately the same size, and the analysis showed hers to be a fatty tumor (completely benign), we're hoping Keebler's is the same. We have to take him into the vet on Thursday evening to check and see if there are any problems with it. I hope not.