Monday, October 18, 2004

Quinn's internist visit

Poor Quinn, I think he hates all doctors now. He had an internist appt on Thursday last week as a follow-up. We've been giving him all his drugs and food, but he still has problems with vomiting and diarrhea. Not as much, but enough that we had to make an appt with the vet on the previous Tuesday to see what could be done. After the vet visit, we got (even more) drugs which seems to have helped.

On thursday, we brought him outside and the poor guy avoided the truck. He did not want to get into it and everytime we got close, he would veer off. I can't really blame him though, every single car ride he's been on for about a year has been to a doctor. We drove to the internist and Quinn threw up outside in the grass. We brought him inside and when it was our turn to go into the office, Quinn headed straight to the outside door. At least once we were in the office, he settled down and laid on the carpet while we spoke with the doctor.

We decided against a second ultrasound because it didn't matter what we found, there was nothing that could be done. Instead we decided to do another gastrin level test. He had gone up so drastically in 1.5 mos (300+ to 770; normal is 30-70). We wanted to see where he was at this point, we're hoping his gastrin level went down (which is possible). Doc said once the gastrin level hits 1000, it gets harder to control. So the tech took him into the back for the blood test. We don't get the results back for one week, so hopefully we'll find out at the end of this week.

The saddest part was after the test and Quinn was back in the room with us, we were just waiting around so we can go home. The tech opened the door after 10 min. When Quinn saw her, he tried to hide under my chair! I think the poor thing got so tired of the poking, prodding, needles. At least it was finally over and we headed home.

He's doing better now. We don't think he's thrown up since the internist visit. He seems quite content and plays with Max, the foster. He shows a lot of interest in what we're doing, especially in the kitchen. With luck, he'll stay pretty stable for a while.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Trail of breadcrumbs...

Got home today and looks like Max was really busy. I found a trail of items that wound around the entire upstairs hallway. Not only did Max pull clothes and a belt from the bedroom, but he also picked up a lunchbox, shoe, and winter hat from the kitchen and brought them upstairs. I have no idea what he does during the day, but he must move around a lot.

Max is becoming more active. I'm not sure if its because he's feeling better from the antibiotics or because he's more comfortable in the house. He's started barrelling towards me when I'm crouched down, doesn't quite understand the concept of brakes. He's also trying to kiss me by putting my entire chin in his mouth. Definitely a lot more pushy about getting affection or food from us now. I've had to push him away in exasperation a few times now.

Max is more active about playing too. He's tried to play with Sheba and Quinn a few times (most of the time our dogs just ignore him). Plus he's been more intent about retrieving anything inside the house. I can definitely see him turning into a retrieving maniac.

He snores all the time!

Max is still snoring up a storm. The funny thing is that he snores when he's not really sleeping though! Last night, he was resting on the kitchen floor with his head on his paw and before his eyes closed, he was snoring. Goof. He does that in the bed too. He'll be laying on his side and start snoring, only he's definitely not asleep yet.

I think the lack of space is starting to get Mike a little grumpy. Three dogs on the bed gets a bit crowded, especially since they seem to prefer Mike's side. I've been sleeping ok since I have enough space, so I know Mike definitely doesn't. Since Quinn seems to be getting better, I think we can probably let him sleep on the dog bed again (we've been forcing him on the bed so we can hear him jump off if he has to go out in the middle of the night). We'll have to see whether we can get Max to sleep on the floor. Max doesn't hesitate about jumping on the bed as long as there is someone already in it.

We'll have to see how the sleeping arrangements work tonight or Mike may give up and go sleep in the guest room.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My shoes are where??

As I mentioned before, Max is very orally fixated. He doesn't chew on anything, but loves to carry things around in his mouth. Over the weekend, we went out to lunch for a couple of hours. When we got back, my sneakers were not at the door: one was by the fireplace and the other was balanced on the arm of the sofa! Yesterday when we got home from work, he decided to chastise us for leaving clothes on the floor. He had taken about 4 articles of clothing we tossed on the floor outside our closets, and moved them into the hallway right outside the bedroom. LOL, he's made us become better about picking up after ourselves.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Max is such a clown!

So far, Max has been really really easy. Unlike most fosters we have, he hasn't had one accident in the house yet. That alone gives us reason to like him! He's also been really easy overall, and doesn't take much effort. For a two year old, he's so mellow!

Max doesn't have as much personality as Keebler or Thor. He's more a mix of Webster and Connor: very mellow and cuddly. He climbs up on the bed and couch, and tries to often climb into your lap... all 110 lbs of him. Max is also a leaner. When you pet him, he leans against you for more rubbing until you're about to fall over from his weight. He's a bit lazy and loves to just lay around with our dogs. He'll retrieve the ball a little bit, but easily gets distracted and then just drops the ball anywhere.

Max is an extremely orally fixated dog. He loves to come up to you and swipe your face with his big, but gentle tongue. He also picks up towels we have around the house (to help with Quinn's drool) and just walks around with them in his mouth. When we take him for a walk, he'll grab the leash in his mouth for the whole walk, until something else catches his attention.

He has played for short intervals with Sheba and Quinn. He and Quinn will wrestle and bark for a little while. Sheba and Max will play chase, but it usually ends pretty quickly when Quinn starts barking (the only way he knows how to play).

Max had a potential adopter come see him this weekend. She really liked him, but her 10 yr old lab didn't interact as much with Max. That means we get to keep him longer! I keep trying to convince Mike to adopt Max, but it may not be the best time with Quinn's various illnesses.

It has gotten a lot more crowded on our bed at night though. All three dogs have taken to sleeping on the bed, which is 250 extra lbs! The snoring will take some getting used to also. Otherwise he is such a great and funny dog!

Friday, October 8, 2004

Yay, another biggun

After a pretty long break from fostering, Quinn's been sick and a planned camping trip, we picked up a new foster dog last night. He's a big (105 lb) black lab, 2 years old and goes by the name Max. He is a totally cutie-pie! His form resembles Keebler in that he's very leggy and American. He also lopes and wriggles his body when he walks around.

For a 2-yr old, he's extremely calm. He has ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease similar to Lyme's disease, so I'm not sure if some of that is due to the disease or just because he's such a mellow dog. He's currently on the antibiotics, but since he's not a voracious eater, he spits out the pills. We've had to use the old stand-by, peanut butter so that he would eat his pills. He does take his time about dog food and chews each piece, while spitting out a few pieces along the way. Sheba loves this because after he's finished eating, she comes along and picks up all the extra pieces he left over the floor. Max does seem to be familiar with people food though, since he'll follow us around the kitchen and his nose gets REALLY close to our food.

He's adjusted very well with our dogs. Max and Quinn had a playbow session and did a bit of goofing off for about a few minutes today. Last night, Max seemed quite taken with Sheba and tried to mount her, but she let him know who was boss very quickly! Later in the night, he and Sheba had a play session also and both seemed to have some fun.

Max is a comfort dog. He had no problems jumping on the bed and keeping his space. He's also a snorer, not as bad a Winston, but a good contender. Max is definitely one of those dogs where we wonder why his owner gave him up. He's a sweetheart, really easy and very mellow. I'm positive he's not going to be in the system very long.