Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow dogs

Got some snow this weekend. Weathermen predicted 5-9 inches, but we only got about 2.5-3 in. The dogs seem to really enjoy the snow, especially Max. Sheba and Max seem to get the puppy crazies whenever they are out in the snow. Unfortunately the princess didn't want to play with Max when he started chasing her around.

Course it was freezing this weekend so we didn't get to take them for walks or to the dogpark at all. So this morning we figured they needed a walk to get some extra energy out. As soon as we left our driveway, the doggies started limping. We completely forgot about the salted roads and how caustic it is to the dog paws! We pulled them onto the lawn and had them walk around a little while to try to get the salt off their paws, then took them into the garage and washed their paws with some warm water. No walk today. :-(

With the lack of walks and dogpark visits, I think Max has become more antsy for a playmate. Because of that, we got suckered into fostering again. I don't think its a permanent thing, but the rescue got two more dogs from Frederick. So next week, I pick up Zeke. Zeke is supposed to be similar to Max, big and goofy which will be good for Max. He needs a playmate and we really like the big and goofy ones.

On a side note, Timojhen told us a story about Max when he was with them last weekend. On the morning when Timojhen was bringing Max back to us, he and Max went out to his car. Timojhen spent some time getting the car set up so Max could get in. Once finished, he motioned Max into the car. Max bent his head, spit out two of Troy's sock and jumped into the car! Heheh, with Max's big mouth, no one had noticed him steal the socks that morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vacation for the dogs

I think all three doggies had a good time where they were. Nancy, Troy, and Timojhen were all happy to have Max for a few days, and he still hasn't eaten Lulu (their cat). When they went out over the weekend to get some air, Max was up to his old tricks and moved around their shoes and put a pair of pillows by their window (I guess he wanted to be a comfortable nosy neighbor!). Nancy caved and let Max sleep on their bed for the weekend, which made Max very happy, but I'm sure it was a bit tight for the humans. I'm so glad they like Max so much, we don't feel guilty about asking them to dogsit him at all.

Sheba also did quite well at Scott/Sue's house. The twins loved Sheba and would spend a lot of time petting and touching her. She did bark at their cats, the cats didn't like that much. I'm sure she was quite spoiled and got little tidbits of food from the twins and from Scott and Sue. To protect the cats, Sheba wasn't allowed in the bedroom, which I'm sure she was quite upset about, but otherwise I know she was treated like a total princess.

Quinn did surprisingly well on the trip. We put a dogbed in the truck and a comforter to make it as comfortable as possible for him. The dogbed gave him enough extra height to stick his nose outside the window while still laying down. He liked that, and that meant the windows went down a lot on the way to NC and back to VA; the humans weren't too crazy about that. We gave him some dramamine to make sure he didn't get too carsick, but he did very well in the car. He would want air once in a while, but otherwise would just lay down on the dog bed and relax. He would perk up considerably whenever we had fastfood in the car.

We stayed in LaQuinta since the hotel allows dogs with no restrictions or extra fees. The hotel was surprisingly nice, and it was pretty neat taking a dog in and out of the hotel. If we had to take a dog on a trip again, we'd probably stay at the hotel in the future.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Quick trip to NC

With the holiday weekend (known in VA as Lee/Jackson/King day) upcoming, Mike and I have decided to take a trip to NC and check it out. Timojhen seems pleased to watch Max again and I know Max will have a ball. Scott/Sue (our neighbors) are going to watch Sheba, and I know their twin girls will enjoy having her around. Unfortunately Quinn's going to have to come with us. Linda watched him last time, but we don't want to overdo asking her (since he's so high maintenance). LaQuinta motels allows dogs with no extra fees or restrictions, so we'll be staying there during the weekend.

Gonna take the SUV down so Quinn will be comfortable. Since hotels don't want you to leave the dog unattended, he'll be exploring with us. He seems pretty comfortable in cars overall (but we're NOT leaving the windows down for 5 hours), so we hope he'll do well on the trip. We'll be spending a lot of time in the car with a couple of pit stops for him. The Raleigh area has a dog park and state park, so we'll probably stop off there for a breather and to let Quinn stretch his legs.

We'll see how he does!

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Peanut butter breath

Knowing Max is a countersurfer, Mike and I have been more conscientious about moving food into cabinets and the pantry. Of course we've missed a few items in the past. Every morning we give Quinn his pills in peanut butter and give Sheba and Max a couple of licks also. I forgot and left the jar on the counter, but really it was a closed container, how could it be a problem? HA

When Mike and I got home, we saw an odd stain on the family room carpet. Thought Quinn had thrown up again, but the stains were more splotchy. Plus while we were watching, Quinn walked over and started licking the stains pretty vigorously. We shrugged it off and figured we'd clean it up....then I walked upstairs. By the stairs I found the mangled peanut butter jar and a very large peanut butter stain on the hallway (white) carpet.

I have no idea how Max got the top off the jar, but he had licked the inside of the jar clean as far as his tongue could reach. Then he chewed the bottom of the jar to reach the remaining peanut butter! I wonder if he shared with Sheba and Quinn?

Of course with the double portions that Max got at Timojhen's house (misunderstanding of how much he should be fed) and the peanut butter, Mr. Chubby-butt has made out quite well in the last few weeks. Unfortunately party's over and he's on short rations for a while to try to lose some of his extra weight.

We've gotten even more careful about leaving nothing edible on counters now!