Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too fast, too fast

Once a year, a few of us get together to stitch, knit, goof-off, bitch, and just enjoy ourselves. The last couple of years we've used my parents' house in WVa. It has the convenience of being close but private enough with no tv or internet that we can really just cut ourselves off from the world.

This year was no different. Five of us (Sue, Cindy, Debbie, and Catherine) headed off on Friday evening stocked with a WHOLE bunch of junk food. My awesome mom had also made us some korean bbq beef, and ingredients for Bi Bim Bap (basically mixed rice with meat and vegetables). With our stash of food, there was no need to leave the house for the entire weekend.

We all set up our stuff in the main room and just had an amazing time. There's nothing quite like wonderful friends who can really talk to each other and be relaxed. I think this was the best time yet for me. We did our various crafts, played some multi-player DS games, trash-talked a lot (OK, I trash-talked while gaming....it's a weakness), and enjoyed being silly.

I loved this weekend, it gave me a chance to just relax and get away from work mentally for a while. I got to just concentrate on stitching, knitting, gaming, and gabbing. The weekend did go by too fast though. I think we all agree that next time we've got to make this a 3-day weekend at least.