Mailart received

Wow, got my mailart a few days ago. This is related to the Mailart Round 2 post from earlier in September. Brandy did a fantastic envelope with motifs from I Still Do (Ink Circles) and she did everything in my favorite color....BLUE! She must have put a lot of time into the envelope because not only are there designs on the front and back, but she also took the time to measure the flap and put a design there too! I love the idea of the button/ribbon closure on the back, it looks rather elegant and pretty simple to do. If I ever do another mailart, I may have to use that idea.

Brandy put some great stuff into the envelope too. I got three skeins of very soft overdyed (variegated) blue silk flosses (Dinky Dyes, Gloriana, and Gumnut) and a neato Sweetheart Tree chart called Friendship. Can't wait to try the design and some of the floss!


Branlaadee said…
Kathie, I am so glad you liked it! It was so much fun to stitch and I just loved how it came out!