Mailart round 2

One of the stitching forums I belong to has been doing a mailart exchange amongst members. This is my second time I've participated and it's a pretty neat idea. Mailart is exactly what it sounds like, you stitch the actual envelope that is being sent in the mail. Then a few goodies are placed into the envelope and shipped off to the person you were given.

The first time I did the exchange I was so paranoid the entire thing was going to get lost in the mail so I sewed the stamp on the envelope AND got delivery confirmation. This time around I was a lot more relaxed about it so I just had the post office put the stamp on it (they were nice enough to also put an extra piece of tape on top) and forgo the delivery confirmation. I think most people at the post office are so impressed by the mailart they tend to take better care of it.

Since my recipient got my mailart (whew), I thought I'd post a few pictures. The items surrounding the envelope are the goodies I stuffed in the envelope for her. The envelopes are fun to make and pretty quick projects but I think I'm going to probably skip round 3. I still have a halloween exchange and a christmas ornament exchange coming up.


Susan said…
Pretty Ink Circles! I love the colors and your fabric lining looks fantastic with it! Great job!
Cindy and Gray said…
That's pretty neat. Do you have any pictures of the one you got back?

Kathie said…
Heh, funny you mention it. I actually posted my mailart a bit early so I think I was the first to send out. Hopefully I'll get mine in a week or so.