TwoZip Hipster

TwoZip Hipster enlarged size

I recently discovered Dog Under My Desk blog/designs.  I used her free tutorial to make an earbuds case for Mike so he wouldn't lose them.  While there, I saw some nice bag patterns so I bought the TwoZip Hipster and the Daytripper.

Front pocket is holding an iPad and Kindle Paperwhite
Again I got to use some fabric that I bought a while back but didn't know what to use it on. Bought the fabric on spoonflower by designer studiofibonacci.  We haven't been able to identify all the characters on the fabric but its fun to look at.

Since I prefer my bags to be larger, I went with Erin's larger bag modifications. I also made the bottom of the bag wider to fit more inside.

Bottom of the bag was modified to be wider
The directions are well-written and very easy to follow.  I would not hesitate to buy other patterns from her.  I did make one modification.  The inside of the bag has a pocket on one side so on the other side I added a zipped pocket.

Two inner pockets, one zipped inner pocket

The bag turned out very well but I think it's just not the right regular bag for me.  The bag is too tall and too narrow for my regular use.  It would be a great way to carry around electronics like kindle, ipad, and a wallet but anything more than that and the bag starts to bulge outward a bit.  I think I'm starting to realize that fat big-bottom bags are the way I need to go for my daily carry-all.

Inside is full with just my wallet and coupon holder
I think this will be a sporadic bag for me to use when I want to just carry a few electronics and nothing more. 


Julie Crooks said…
I need to figure out how to add the inner zipped pocket for next time. I did add a pen holder to the open pocket in there - next time I'll do two - one for a pen and a thinner, shorter one for my stylus.

I get compliments daily on my 2ZH!

I love that fabric! I'd forgotten to check Spoonflower for choices for my next bag!