Seuss wallet

In 2012 I started doing a lot more sewing.  I got a great price on a basic Bernina sewing machine and since I've swapped to that machine, sewing has become a lot more fun.  This year I decided to finally start blogging my finished projects.  Mostly to keep notes on any issues or modifications I make to each pattern so that if I decide to make it again, I have that information.

Wallet w/Seuss fabric
I bought this wallet sewing pattern from napkitten a couple of years ago but only recently decided to make it.  I love that it has so many pockets for cards, since I seem to horde rewards and gifts cards, plus all my other necessary cards. Separately, I had bought some fun Seuss fabric a little while ago but couldn't figure out what to make with it.  This seemed like a good match.

Left side of wallet
The pattern is extremely clear with lots of pictures and very concise directions.  I would not hesitate to buy another pattern from her, she makes it easy to put the project together.

Right side of wallet w/zippered pocket. The bills pocket is super deep.
While the pattern is easy to follow, it does get a bit tough once all the fabrics are joined together. Sewing multiple layers of fabric, plus interfacing, and duck canvas gets really hard for the machine.  I had to use a jeans size 90 needle to sew the layers together and in some areas, I had to sew slowly so I wouldn't break the needle.  It is doable as long as you have a good sharp large needle.

Lots of card slots
The only modification I made was the binding on the outside borders.  By the time the binding is added, there is just too much fabric.  When I tried sewing the binding, it would slip and slide everywhere.  I tried hand sewing to tack it down, and even fusing the binding first but it would still slide around while using the machine.  So to keep the binding even and neat, I just hand-stitched it onto the wallet.  To keep the fabric from getting dingy, I sprayed the wallet with Stain-Master fabric spray.

Top-down view

If I make this wallet again, I would use a magnetic snap instead of 2 no-sew snaps.  It takes a little bit of coordination to get the snaps together.  A magnetic snap tends to close without too much work.

Opened wallet
I do love the wallet but it is big.  I tend to carry around a large bag so it works out but be prepared. If you make the wallet, it does take up a bit of space.


Nic said…
It's a great looking wallet
Great job! I learned to sew on a Bernina, a million years ago.