Multi-tasker tote

I finished this bag at the end of last year.  I've noticed that as we carry more electronics around, my bags need to get larger and larger.  Saw this multi-tasker tote by Anna Marie Horner and thought it would be a great all-purpose bag to use.  Plus it would make a great vacation bag when we want to lug a bunch of stuff around.  This is a LARGE bag, apparently can be used easily as a diaper bag (so I've been told).

The directions are quite clear and the design comes with the pattern pieces, some of which you have to tape together.  I used Betz White Stitch Organic fabrics for the bag.  It did come together pretty quick.  The outside pockets can be sewn as one large pocket (more than enough space for a water bottle) or sewn into two smaller pockets.  On my bag, one side is one large pocket, the other side is two small pockets.  The interior has one pocket you can sew into any set of sizes.  I chose to just make two even-ish pockets.

Modifications I'd make next time.  The bag does not have anything to close it, so I'd use a magnetic snap as closure.  Instead of the interior pocket where it is now, I'd put two smaller ones on each short side of the bag.  Where the pockets are now, I'd put in a zippered pocket instead.

Interior of tote
This is a HUGE bag (have I mentioned that already?).  While it holds a LOT of things, it's like Mary Poppins' carpet bag.  It gets a bit tough to find anything in it.  Before I can really use this as a purse, I plan to make a purse organizer that would help organize all the stuff to make it easier to reach a particular item without rooting all around the bag to find it. 

Some stuff in bag as reference. Black case is holding a kindle (for size reference)
This would also make a really good beach/vacation bag if you want to stuff random stuff (towels, clothes) into it. 


Nic said…
That does look like a handy sized bag. Though I imagine it could get heavy when full of stuff. Good job
Kathie said…
Nic, Thanks! It definitely gets a bit bulky with too much stuff. I think it would be a better beach bag or vacation bag.