Allure Day 6

Today was Cozumel port. Since we've been there a few times, plus we didn't feel like doing a shore excursion, we decided to take advantage of the nice quiet ship today. Grabbed some breakfast at Windjammer this morning, same old stuff, then headed straight to the solarium.

Watched the maintenance crews clean the tops of the solarium windows. Bit scary watching them work up there
Looks like Cozumel is going to be a busy port today. When we pulled in, the Mariner of the seas (RCL) was already docked. Plus there was an NCL ship at a pier further away. After we docked, Norwegian Dawn parked next to us, and about 30 minutes later a Carnival ship parked next to the Dawn. Another NCL shipped parked by the far pier, and it looked like a third one parked there later. We ended up counting seven ships at port (including ours) by mid-morning.
Promenade behind us, we're on the Rising Tides bar
The solarium was very very empty so we had our choice of chairs.  We soaked up some sun, read, and relaxed for a few hours. Before we knew it, it was lunchtime, we headed to Windjammer for lunch. I had some salad and a hot dog but the food was rather unappetizing so we went down to Park Cafe so Mike could find something better. The food was definitely an improvement, the roast beef sandwich was very good. Plus the drinks are not diluted with ice so they taste more like what they're supposed to taste like and less like water.
Rising Tides bar making its way up to the Central Park level
During lunch, a woman sat next to us and we chatted for a bit. She's been on 130+ cruises just with RCL! She lives in CA but originally from Wales. When I asked why she came to FL instead of leaving from CA, she stated that RCL pulled most of their ships from the west coast so they need to come to FL or Europe to take the ships. I'm not sure if Mike and I will ever reach that number of cruises. We come on board to completely unplug but once Mike retires, I don't think it'll be quite as necessary to isolate and do nothing on our vacations.

Flash mob class on the Promenade
After lunch, we headed back to the still mostly empty solarium and found some nice shady chairs to sit in.  More relaxing and hot tubbing was involved. After a few more hours, we headed back to the room (Mike's iPad was almost empty of charge, plus it was almost time for dinner).

Jogging track, nice surface. Not many people.
After dinner, we walked briefly through the promenade then headed back to the room for an early night. My cold (thanks, Mike) was getting a bit worse so early to bed.


John Robertson said…
Great photo on Rising Tides Bar! :)