Allure Day 5

Today is an at sea day.  Slept in until 8am this morning! Got breakfast at the buffet and stopped at the sun deck to see if it was a good place to spend the day.  Looks like it was still a bit early as the chairs were still stackd and tied down. There are side platforms on the deck that lets you see the entire side of the ship.

Solarium, 16+ area only. Two hot tubs, one pool, lots of space
We headed to the solarium instead and found some nice loungers to relax in.  Good thing we got there relatively early since by 10:30, all the chairs had been taken. Mike found the shade immediately while I attempted the sun for a little while until I started to broil.  Once the sun hit pretty high, we started to lose our shade so we headed out. Since we had a late breakfast, we decided to skip lunch. We stopped at the boardwalk to get a malt to go. Hung out at the aqua theater in the shade to drink the shake, read, enjoy the quiet, and watch the rock climbers.
View from Aquatheater towards center of ship
After the malt, it was time for our daily nap/relaxation in our cabin. Afterwards it was time for formal dinner. Dinner was prime rib and lobster. We've definitely gotten snooty in our tastes. The food was ok but definitely not up to our usual caliber.

View of the Aquatheater. Blue stage floor sinks to form a deep pool for performances.
We caught the ice show after dinner. It was a monopoly theme (Ice Games). It's a small rink but the show was pretty good. They would roll the dice and then do a number based on the location (Giovanni Place, Casino Royale, arcade place, jail, boardwalk). They started a bit slow with multiple falls for triple axels but it did get better and was entertaining. We still liked Chicago best so far.
Three floor dinner room. First two for fixed dining, top for my-time dining.
Since we missed our reservations for the headliner show yesterday, we decided to get in via standby for tonight's show. While we didn't have the best seats, it was still fine. The Amber theater is large enough that there are good seats just about everywhere. The show was Tony Tillman who sang various classics (rock, Motown, blues) and had a bit of comedy involved in his show. It must take an immense amount of energy to put a show together like that! He was definitely putting a lot into his show.  Again, started a bit slow but once warmed up, it was a lot of fun.

It appears that the cruise director introduces and ends almost all shows. We'd be at one show and see him intro and end the show, then when we go to the next show, he'd be doing the same thing.  The cruise director really gets around!   We both liked our cruise director, he seems to have a great sense of humor.

Love the water in the Caribbean!
Tomorrow is Cozumel, but since we've been there a few times now, we're gonna just stay on board and relax again. It's a tough life!
Random thoughts:
- Allure doesn't seem to feel the need to keep the indoor temperature at sub-arctic levels.  It's a very nice change from other ships where you bake outside, then freeze inside.  I've been comfortable walking around the ship in shorts. It gets a little chilly in the venues during the evening but that's to be expected with so many people at one show.  Even in the evenings we haven't had needed our sweaters or sweatshirts when walking around.