Allure Day 4

Today was Falmouth Jamaica. It looks like a relatively new port stop.  Basically the port is one big shopping area and if you want to do anything on the island, you have to sign up for a shore excursion. Falmouth must be further away from civilization since all the shore excursions are at least 5 hours+.

View during our morning munching.
Decided on Central Park for breakfast as I was craving a bagel instead off the usual buffet fare.  Did some people watching at the park after breakfast since we didn't hit port till about 10ish. There is definitely something a bit freaky about sitting in a park setting (with bird noises piped in) that really screws with your sense of being on a ship.  The nice thing about getting up early on a ship is that it tends to be very quiet in the morning. Once 9:30 hit, even the park area became a bit more crowded.
Another view of Central Park
We decided to do our souvenir shopping in Falmouth and get it over with.  Definitely quite busy with everyone trying to get all the deals.  After about an hour, we finished and headed back on board.  The ship seemed a little more crowded than in Labadee.  Probably because if you weren't on an excursion, there wasn't much else to do after you finish shopping.
Royal Promenade
We grabbed some lunch at the buffet and since Mike wasn't feeling so well (sucks getting sick during vacation), we headed back to the room to relax and try to nap.

We had the headliner show reserved for 10:30pm but we already knew we weren't going to make that show tonight. After dinner, I was intrigued about the 1 hour $19.99 watch sale happening on the promenade, so we headed there to people watch, and to procure some cold drugs.  Mike compared the sale to the yearly wedding dress sale.  There were a lot of people crowded around the area waiting for 7:30pm and when the lines opened, there was literally a surge of people rushing to the watches.  It did stay civilized and there didn't appear to be any blood drawn.  

Watching surge of people during the $19.99 watch sale.
Once we finished watching the mass of humanity, we headed upstairs, calling it an early night.

Random thoughts:
-Really like the decorations on the ship.  We found that Norwegian is extremely gaudy and bright. Princess is very elegant but overly so, lots of marble and shiny surfaces. Royal Caribbean has a lot of wood and photography as artwork on the walls. We've actually found ourselves going up to the photos to get more information about them.  The decorating is understated but very nice.