Costa Rica Day 8

Our plane wasn't due to take-off until about 3pm but since the airport was in San Jose and we were on the west coast, we planned to spend our last day driving from Playa Flamingto to San Jose.  From the research Kathie did, the drive would be anywhere between 4.5-6 hrs depending on the traffic and conditions of the road.

To be safe, we decided to leave by 7am to give us enough time in case we ran into any delays.  We munched on our supermarket food while making sure we packed everything up (we've forgotten our phone chargers in the past).

The roads ended up being pretty good.  Most of the roads weren't too crowded and when we did get stuck behind trucks, we simply followed the customs of Ticans and passed in the other lane when it was safe.  We were on Rt 27, one of the new paved double-laned roads near San Jose, making fantastic time when it ended up completely closed.  We think it was due to the earthquake from the night before but we had to detour and that road took us on VERY twisty one-lane roads up mountains.  We couldn't pass simply due to too much traffic in front of us so we just relaxed and followed the rest of the cars.  We finally made it to San Jose with more than enough time for our flight.

Costa Rica requires everyone to pay an exit fee, so we took care of that, got our boarding pass and got on our plane home.  It was nice to finally get home although the temperature difference was a bit of a disappointment.

Costa Rica was definitely a fantastic place to visit.  The people are super-friendly, the country is beautiful, and most speak English so we didn't feel too out of our depth.  This would definitely be a country worth visiting again in the future.