Costa Rica Day 7

We didn't have any real plans for today since we would be leaving Costa Rica tomorrow morning.  Yesterday our surfing instructor pointed out a kayak rental area near our hotel and we liked the idea of doing some kayaking on our own so we walked over to the rental place and they brought a kayak right to the beach behind our hotel.  It was a bit dicey getting the kayak past the breaking waters and we did flip the kayak over once but finally managed to get through the water.  We kayaked out towards the ocean but realized that it might not be smart to get too far out into the ocean.  Kathie's slightly paranoid mind kept running through scenarios of falling into the water and getting eaten by sharks.  Mike was more pragmatic and realized that it would take a lot of energy to paddle through the waves and come back into shore afterwards since the water was a bit choppy that far out.  So we turned further towards the land and followed the shoreline for a while.  After about 45 minutes we turned back around and really had to fight through the currents to make any headway.  We finally made it back to our beach and rode the waves back to shore.

View of the beach from the restaurant terrace

Since it was still such a beautiful day outside and we hadn't taken advantage of the pool, we dumped our things into the room, grabbed some towels and headed into the warm, empty pool.  The pool has two swim-up bars and two really shallow areas with chaise loungers in the water.  We did a fair bit of wallowing, floating, sunning, and resting in the pool until Mike was beginning to feel a bit baked (and both of us were getting hungry).

We headed out and stopped at Outback Jack's for lunch.  It's very much pub/bar type food and it felt very Americanized with all the junk hung on the walls and ceilings; however it was open and had more than one other customer there.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at a nearby supermarket.  Since we were leaving the hotel early in the morning, we needed sustenance for the trip back to the airport.  We grabbed some rolls, yogurt, and soda then came back to the hotel and packed up.

We grabbed dinner at the hotel and spent the rest of the night just hanging out and reading.  Sometime in the early evening, we both noticed the bed shaking.  We both shrugged it off as a big truck passing by but found out the next day that Costa Rica was hit with a 5.9-magnitude earthquake.  Fortunately it hit pretty deep in the earth so there wasn't a lot of damage.  We were about 60 miles away from the quake and still felt the tremors.