Roller coaster fun!

On Tuesday morning, we drove to Orlando and prepared to do some amusement parks.  Gray and Cindy were heading up north on their sailboat but the timing worked out so they met us on tuesday for dinner.  They had a great suggestion to meet at California Grill at the Contemporary Hotel.  California Grill is on the 15th floor and overlooks Cinderella's castle.  We hung out in the lounge grabbing various appetizers and wine for about 4.5 hours until the Magic Kingdom's fireworks show started.  The view was very very cool, plus California Grill pipes the music/sounds from the fireworks show into the restaurant.

We headed to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for Wednesday.  Since Spring Break had just finished, the two parks were virtually empty.  We tried the new Studios coaster, Rip Ride Rockit.  The two unusual things about the ride: 1) you choose the music to listen to, it comes out of the speakers by your head, 2) the incline to the first hill is straight up.  The ride is very smooth and surprising long.  The coaster is fun but not one I found to be outstanding; however it's ALWAYS fun to ride a new coaster.

After doing some of the other Universal rides and walking around, we headed over to Islands of Adventure to ride our old favorites: Hulk coaster, and Dueling dragons coasters.  They are definitely still classic rides.  Dueling dragons is very cool because they run two coasters on two different runs, but in two places, the two coasters intertwine so it feels like you're about to run into each other.  We rode several other rides at Islands also but the coasters are definitely our favorite.