Ahhh, Florida is so beautiful

We took a nice, long, overdue vacation to Florida last week.  Usually we visit Mike's mom down in Port Charlotte around February every year but this year we waited until I was finished with work (that's a WHOLE different blog entry). 

We found pretty cheap direct flights straight to Fort Myers from National and headed down to gorgeous florida to be pampered and fed silly on April 10th.  The weather in Florida was absolutely gorgeous.  Mid-80s and sunny pretty much the entire time.  We stayed with Mike's Mom from Saturday until Tuesday morning.  Mike did some computer tech support while I made sure the chaise loungers didn't float away.  We did help Mom pull some dead bushes out of her front garden and did a little bit of weeding but really spent most of the time being completely spoiled.  I think Mom felt like she should take us somewhere like the beach but both Mike and I really wanted to just nap, eat, swim, snack, and read so we were quite happy staying put.

View from Mom's pool