It's 2010 already??

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog, perhaps my New Year's (albeit a little late) resolution should be to update it more often. While I do use Facebook and Twitter more often, I think there is a place for blogs.

Let's see, I guess this entry should probably be a catch-up/summary of all the various things that have happened in the last few months.

Mike and I took a VERY much needed vacation at the end of October. Poor Mike hadn't had a nice long vacation for a long time and I was getting a bit burned out in my new job. We tried Norweigian cruises this time around (we usually book Princess Cruises but the Norweigian cruise was significantly cheaper this time around). I did do a write-up on the difference between Norweigian and Princess, and I'll post it on the blog, but overall I think Mike and I prefer Princess Cruises.

My sister had a baby in early August! KJ (Kat Jr) as she will be named in my blog is an absolutely cutie-pie (and that's not a biased opinion at all)!! Jen is still mad at me for going back to work but at least I can be a weekend auntie. Both sets of grandparents are absolutely enthralled since KJ is their first grandbaby. Pretty soon she'll be crawling, I can't wait to watch KJ's parents run around trying to keep up with her!

Lastly we've started fostering again. For a long time we've had to stop fostering because Pete would become a jerk with a new dog in the house. Pete would either bully the foster dog, or bully Max if the foster dog stood up to Pete. Over time and with some patience, Pete seems to have mellowed a bit and we thought fostering was worth a try again. At the end of Thanksgiving, we tried fostering Coco for a month and was surprisingly successful. Pete did quite well with a new foster in the house and didn't become a jerkball so we've continued fostering. We're now on our second foster, Miles, who we've had for less than a week so far.

I promise I'll post a bit more going forward (I hope) but at least it's a start!