Dogs & food

Our dogs love food, any kind of food. As Scott can attest to, on our daily walks Pete will even try stuff on the roads that just looks edible. One of my favorite activities involves tossing bits of food and watching the dogs grab it from the air (ok, so I entertain easily). While watching them, I've always wondered what a high-speed picture would capture since Pete looks like Jaws when he catches food. A couple days ago the circumstances came together so that Mike was able to take some good shots of the dogs while I tossed treats at them. Below are a few of my favorite pictures from the session:

Stay on target...

Stay on target...

Aw, nuts. There it goes!

And another miss (Don't worry, Max got lots of treats)

And obviously Mom can't throw very well.

Here's Jaws


Caught it off the side!


Sue in N. Va said…
I like the picture of Petey with his tongue sticking out!
Wanda said…
They are adorable Kathie. I have 2 small furballs but these are the times when I miss having big babies. Just too cute!
timojhen said…
Can only imagine the pleading and cajoling it took to get them to help.

Maybe it was easier to get a release signed when the treat bag came out.
Love the relaxed sitting pose! Love the shots!
Ana-Maria said…
Nice phptography!