The Daily Grind

For the last two and a half years I have been happily unemployed. Mike and I had left AOL together and spent about a year together just enjoying traveling, friends, xbox, working on the house, etc. Mike went back to work after the year and I put out some resumes at that time. I did get a couple of interviews but nothing panned out. I did use that time to get my PMP (project management professional) certification since that seems to be hot thing for project managers recently. After the certification, I kept my eye out for jobs but most were looking for specific qualifications I didn't have or else the job was in DC. I'm in one of those incredibly lucky positions that I didn't have to get a job, so I got to be picky on what I was looking for.

After some time, I decided I liked staying home. I chose my own hours, worked on the house, made dinner for us, took care of the dogs, etc and still had the afternoons to just relax, stitch, read, knit, and vegetate. Mike loved it because the house was pretty darn clean, the dogs were taken care of, dinner was ready, all the various chores were finished.

A couple of months ago I saw a PjM position on the aol-alumni group that I'm part of and thought it sounded interesting. I honestly turned in my resume as a whim, I didn't really think they'd call me. After all, I haven't worked for 2.5 years, the job market is depressed, and there are a LOT of applications out there. I did get a call and interviewed with the company which is located in (yep, you guessed it) DC. The people, culture, and job sounded fantastic and they offered me the job.

I start on June 1st and I've decided to take public transportation instead of driving so my commute will be the exact length everyday and I get to do something else (DS, read, knit, podcast, audiobooks) during the commute other than get road rage. Mike has mixed feelings about the job. He's glad that I'm doing something new, (hopefully) fun, and getting out of the house; however he really liked all the things I took care of while he was at work. I'm really excited and can't wait to start working again. Wonderful Scott and Sue have volunteered to check in on the dogs during the day for walks and company so Pete and Max will be ok while we're gone all day.


Sue in N. Va said…
We love your poochers! Petey makes a great lapdog!
Nicole said…
Good luck with the job. I hope it all goes well and lives up to what you want but remember that if you find you don't like it there's no shame in quitting.
Wanda said…
Yay! A new job is always an exciting time. I hope it stays fun for you - it's a lot easier to just let yourself enjoy the good parts when you know that you don't really have to work. It's a project you do for youself............and you know your easily amused *giggles*