Who knew the outdoors could be fun?

A few weeks ago a bunch of us headed to W&OD trail so I could try out my Landrollers on more than our neighborhood streets. I got to have some company from Scott/Sue/kids and Mike. Mike borrowed Scott's bike while Scott roller bladed with me.

Well the trip turned out to be a success. Mike enjoyed the bike ride, I didn't fall on my butt (or anything else), and all had a great time. Unfortunately blading is a lot more intensive than bike riding so I decided to get a bike to keep up (I plan to keep blading but practice on my own). Performance Bikes is having a sale so Sue, Mike, and I bought entry-level Fuji bikes last weekend for pretty good prices. I took my bike in on wednesday for some further tune-up and instead upgraded to a better bike for $34 (little bit of haggling and other bonuses got the price down).

Today we took the bikes on the W&OD trail out by Rt28 and headed west. We made it all the way to Luckstone quarry in Ashburn (about 6 miles) before heading back. Round-trip took us about 1hr 15 min (way back was MUCH nicer...downhill with the wind at our back). It was a good relatively leisurely ride ending with really good food at Cheeburger (have you noticed how wonderful food tastes after working out?). We really had a great time biking and the trail is relatively flat and easy to handle.

Now that we've got the momentum going (HA, one bike ride so far, that's momentum?) we're trying to bike more often at least until the weather gets ridiculously hot and humid.