Curse has been lifted!

I'm finished Finished FINISHED!!! Hee hee the garage doors are completed after so many issues! Back in August we had a small oops with our garage doors and got new ones. We found really nice garage doors at Costco so we got them within a month after the incident.

(original doors before the incident)

After we got the doors installed we wanted to paint them to match the house. Unfortunately I had a hell of a time finding the right grey color to match the house (the right grey color was too light to see as an accent on the doors) so I went a little darker. Then I painted the interior squares of the garage door to match the trim which is an off-white. Unfortunately the off-white paint looked WAY too yellow so I left the other two doors with their original bright white and painted the grey accents. So that part was easy.

(new doors, pre-painting)

After the grey was finished, I had to go back and repaint the interior squares of the first garage door, easy right? Unfortunately straight white paint was too white (since the doors are steel with white paint meaning the overall tint is slightly grey-ish). After painting one square and realizing it was too light, I got the lightest grey paint and found that was too grey! So I started mixing the two paints together to try to find the right mix. It took me about 3 tries then I just decided whatever color I had is the one that was going on. By this time winter had reached us and it was time to quit.

Spring finally came back so I tried again. While I was painting this time I ended up spilling half the paint on the driveway! Since I needed that paint (custom paint now) I started scooping the paint back into the can. My hands coated in paint, I headed back inside to clean up but ended up leaving paint on the entry rug (my sneaker had white paint on it). I cleaned up and headed outside to hose down the driveway. While hosing it all down, I accidentally sprayed my ipod and speakers so I had to clean that up. At this point I'm just fuming cause nothing is going right but I continue and finally get most of the paint cleaned up. I cleaned everything up, and shut down operations. While I find the whole thing amusing now, I was so frustrated at the time that I called it quits for a few weeks. If Mike would mention the incomplete paint job I would shoot him an evil look and ignore him. The weather and frustration level finally worked out so I finished the garage doors yesterday while it was beautiful outside.

(finished doors)

I love the garage doors and the colors but I think I'm finished with garage doors now. (Oh, and for those smart-alecky friends, the grey accents are the same colors for all doors, it's simply the angle of the shot)


Sue in N. Va said…
They look great! Really, they do!
timojhen said…
it's almost like you think you have smart alec friends! I can't imagine that to be the case!

(Look great!)