More flitting from project to project

We had a fantastic time in Aspen but I was rather surprised at the jet lag I suffered after coming back. I mean, come on, it was only 3 time differences away and the flight was only about 4 hours! I think I'm just a wimp about traveling as I get older.

Since we've gotten back from Aspen, I've been a total slack-ass. I need to get started with our landscaping outside but we ended up with about 4-5 inches of snow earlier this week. That makes it a bit tough to get to the weeds so I had an excuse to stay indoors. I have to also get back on painting the interior of our house but I had a ready excuse for that too. We're watching our friends' chocolate lab, Jackson. He follows us around everywhere and I don't want to paint while he's here since it could get a little hairy. So instead I tidied the house a bit and spent a lot of time just stitching and knitting (yes, I am spoiled, yes, I know it, yes, I love it).

Right before Aspen I did more work on Cirque du Cercles but I didn't get a chance to post my progress. It's a fun one to stitch since it's just one variegated floss with a lot of bright colors.

Also I had worked on Frises & Alphabets before Aspen but had to frog the whole thing out due to color bleeding into the fabric so I restarted the whole thing. I got a little further than my first attempt. Sue helped me choose all the colors on this one (it's usually monochrome) and I love the choices she picked! It's another fun and easy one to stitch.

I also continue to work on some baby knits and I've started a toe-up sock. All the socks I've previously knitted have been cuff-down so I figured I'd try something new. I've definitely got shiny object syndrome since I can't seem to stay on one project for too long recently.


Susan said…
You have more letters done! Preeeeeetttyyyyy!
Cindy said…
Pretty pretty pretty! (I especially like Cirque)