Stitching pictures

I've said it before and I'll say it again. My blogging has seriously lagged since I've discovered Twitter since it's just so easy to do quick updates there instead of blogging. While twitter is great for microblogging the daily stuff, the blog is good for pictures and updates, especially regarding stitching. I do hope to have more to blog about in about 2 weeks. Mike and I are headed to Aspen to try our hand at west coast skiing (ok, not really west coast but definitely not east coast skiing). I'm really excited about doing some skiing on "real" snow and I think Mike is just pleased to go on vacation.

Since my sister is pregnant (yay!), I've been doing some knitting for the baby but I don't plan to show those pictures online since Jen is one of the few who reads my blog, so those will just have to wait for a while. I have been alternating between knitting and stitching so I've finally been getting more progress on my cross-stitching.

Naughty Sue enabled me (she is good at it) to buy Frises & Alphabets from Nouveau Encore as a reward to myself for making it a month sweets-free (LONGEST month of my life!). She even helped (& supplied) me choose fantastic colors for the sampler. I LOVED stitching on it and got the corner border, A, and B finished. Then I realized I miscounted somewhere and frogged out the part I screwed up. Unfortunately the silks I used bled into the fabric so I tried to spot-clean it which made the whole thing worse. The water travelled to the other floss on the fabric and that bled everywhere so I had to rip it all out, wash the fabric, and start over again. Needless to say, I have NOT started it again yet but I still have the urge to work on it soon.

In the meantime, I've also been working on various other works in progress so I'll just post those pictures here:

Celestial Dragon (TW) has been hibernating for a while but recently I had the urge to work on it so I pulled it out. I finished the left corner and lettering and I'm very pleased how it's turning out so far.

Spanish Bleu (Sampler Cove) is also quite enjoyable to stitch. It's very different for me since I'm only using one strand of floss so my tension has been be really light.

Red Velvet Inscription Sampler is another fun one using Belle Soie silks. So far I've finished A-E and G-K (each one of those blocks contains a letter disguised in the design).

So those are my stitching updates so far. Hopefully I'll have some great snow pictures in a couple of weeks to post.


Susan said…
Pretty pretty!

And you're just as good at enabling! :P

We get a house guest we get a house guest!! Hopefully Petey won't learn any new "tricks" while he's here like he did last time. *cough*
fudgey said…
OMG! what awesome stitching girl..
not sure which i like bestest...
spanish bleu is so pretty and NEAT...
but i am a sucker for the red inscription sampler, love those belle soie colours!
must say you have awesome taste in charts..
love alphabets and frises too, tis my fav of the noueveau encore charts
Beware of Sue, she may teach Pete how to open the fridge door - evil grin! Have fun skiing and do not do anything extreme --- giggle.

Girl, you may not post often but when you do it is eye candy wonderful! I can not pick and favorites of your stitching as I love them all... just lovely!