Aspen Day 1

The parents of a friend of ours owns a condo in Aspen and he invited us (with a few other friends) to spend about 4 days there so Mike and I jumped at the chance to do some real snow skiing.

With Scott acting as our chauffeur, we headed to Dulles this morning. We were shocked to find Dulles was almost completely empty on a Friday morning. We zoomed through check-in and security and our plane took off on time, it was a red-letter day for traveling!

Once in Denver, we took a quick food break and got on a very small plane to Aspen. The trip only took about 30 minutes but the view from the plane was quite amazing. We could see the ski slopes as we started our descent. From the air the slopes didn't seem so overwhelming but once on the ground Kathie realized how much difference perspective makes.

The condo is a nice 2-bedroom suite with pull-out bed couch. There's six of us staying but since Mike and I are the only couple here, we lucked out with the master bedroom (king-sized bed w/NO DOGS!!) From the balcony we can see one of the gondolas going straight up the mountain.

Surprised to see how small Aspen is overall. There are four different mountains to ski on and the village at the bottom. We can walk to a fair number of places in Aspen and the condo transport will take us pretty much anywhere else.

Since most of us trickled into Aspen this afternoon (and one comes in close to midnight tonight) we won't start skiing until tomorrow at Snowmass mountain (good to start here since it has more green slopes so we can warm up). The weather here is supposed to be wonderful tomorrow too, about 35 degrees and sunny.