Petey goes bye-bye

We had Pete's adoption today, so he now has new parents. This was the first time we've met them since they visited Pete at his previous foster home. They definitely seem like good dog people who will be really good for Pete. I think they'll provide Pete with the proper boundaries but will also love taking him for walks. Their previous dog had a lot of issues with other dogs so they always had to be on high-alert when walking and couldn't take their dogs to any dog social area. With Pete, they are really excited about taking him around the community and visiting other dogs/people. The cool thing is they live pretty close to my sister and like visiting her community area so I'll have to tell Jen to keep an eye out for Pete when she's out.

I've definitely bonded with Pete while he's been here, and he with me. He has a lot of great characteristics plus he's just a fun-loving puppy that has the perfect amount of energy. I'm gonna miss him, but I think Max is quite happy to be the only child again. Since we've had Pete, I've noticed Max withdrawing a bit even though the two of them got along so well. I think Max immediately takes the omega position when other dogs are in the house so he doesn't get on the bed or couch without some coaxing. Unfortunately I don't know how that will work when we find a second dog to adopt. We don't want Max to think he's being ousted but only one dog in the house just isn't enough. Hopefully the problem will work itself out when we find out perfect second dog.


Glad to hear that he found a good home! He looks like such a sweetie!