Birthday stash!

The stitching girls (ahem...women) got together on thursday to celebrate my birthday (belated). With everyone really busy with holidays and life, it's always tough to celebrate everyone's birthday at the right time, so we get together when we can.

This year I got some great stuff from everyone which makes starteritis a big issue (ok, a bigger issue than usual). In the stitching area, I got a 2-yr subscription to an online stitching magazine which is cool! First, it's all online so when a new issue is released, I get an email, then I just go download the issue and only print out the patterns I like. The internet is cool! I also got two great patterns: Autumn Fairy Spirit and Stained Glass Tabletopper. I also got the specialty fibers for two Liz Turner Diehl patterns I have (from Sue who ALREADY gave me 25 skeins of yarn for my afghan!). Jenni gave me a whole handful of stuff: the Peacock Feathers shawl I've been drooling over, then she also included 2 hanks of Peacock green laceweight yarn AND a pair of circular knitting needles I could use! It's funny that the two best gifts I gotten this year are both for knitting stuff.

The timing is great since I just finished my Angel Lace Shawl so as soon as I finish my second afghan square I'll be starting the Peacock shawl. What a great haul this year!


Sue said…
It's so fun seeing you giddy! Happy belated birthday and I can't wait to see afghan square number 2 and all your new starts! ;)