Third time's the charm - too late

We've got our third chocolate foster in a row now. We've had Maddy, Brownie (only for one week so I never blogged about her), and now Pete. Pete is an extremely cute 1.5 yr old chocolate male. He has one of the cutest faces we've ever seen, and he's very very good for a puppy (mentally labs stay puppies till about 4 yrs of age). He's pretty small, around 60 lbs, he loves to hang around people, and he can entertain himself quite well. He'll take a stuffed toy, throw it around, chase after it, and just run around. Pete is fantastic, even gets along with Max and they play tug-o-war with towels (or my shirt...whatever is more convenient). Unfortunately Pete was seen by a couple right before we got him and they've decided to adopt him. Unfortunate because Mike and I really like this dog and would have seriously thought about adopting him ourselves.

He fits in perfectly in this household - loves the couches, people, and just hanging around. He is a little more active than Max, but not so active that it drives us nuts. Pete is fantastic around kids, adults, and other dogs. We took him to the dog park this morning but he seemed more interested in smelling and marking the perimeter than actually playing with other dogs. He did do a little interacting, but much less than we expected.

We only have him for one more week until the adoption, but I plan on enjoying him the entire time.