Roughing it

Ok, we didn't *really* rough it much. Since we've both starting job hunting and (hopefully) will start working by mid-dec or early jan, we decided to take a short vacation away from the house. With the pretty leaves starting to sprout, we booked a cabin in Luray for a couple of days and took Max with us. The cabin had a fireplace, great view, and all the regular amenitites we could want. We spent a few hours at Shenandoah, drove Skyline Drive and hiked one of the trails (only 2 miles long). Max really enjoyed the hike, he was all over the place sniffing everything he could, and of course marking everything he could.

We spent a lot of time together at the cabin without interference from the internet, tv, xbox or the phone. We got to play some scrabble (yay, I won!), work on a puzzle together, read, talk, and sit in front of the fire. It's not like we were stressed and needed to get away, but it was nice to go someplace else and actually spend time together. The view was quite nice, the leaves were still colorful, and the weather was in the low-60s. Overall a relaxing fantastic couple of days.

Strangely, we think Max is more of a homebody than us. He seemed a bit off while we were at the cabin, we think he just likes being at home where he's used to his routine and all his comfort areas (dog beds, couches, bed).


Nicole said…
That's a beautiful cabin - definitely roughing it ;) Sounds like you had a great break and I don't think you have to be stressed out to deserve a nice break away.