Knit craze

I seem to have exchanged my stitching mojo into knitting mojo in the last couple of months. I've put away all my cross-stitch stuff and pulled out my knitting. Course I think Sue's birthday present to me had a lot to do with this sudden urge for knitting. She's seen me drool over the Great American Aran Afghan for over a year so she finally told me to pick out some yarn and bought me all the yarn I needed to complete this afghan for my birthday! So by the time 25 skeins of yarn came in, I was giddy with anticipation. I finished my first square (there are 24 total knit squares) after restarting the sucker more than a few times (gauge was wrong, knit too tight, read pattern incorrectly, etc). The advantage of re-doing the square a few times is by the fourth retry, I'm already familiar with the pattern so I'm whizzing through it pretty fast.

After I finished my first square, I thought I'd try making some socks with some sock yarn Cindy got for me a couple of years ago. It only took me about 2 weeks to finish a pair (with lots of breaks in between). I'm extremely proud of how well they turned out! Since they fit perfectly on Jen, I gave them to her since she loves all sorts of goofy socks. Now I've been told I have to make her more of them.

Now I'm trying to finish up a shawl, only about 13 more rows to go, but I really should be good, put down all my knitting and get started on my christmas ornament exchange. If I'm not careful, I may not get it done in time.


Susan said…
Cool square and awesome socks!!

You know what an ornament is? No way! *ducks*