Halloween for Max

Max has always been a bit of a chow-hound and will take advantage of situations where we've left food available. In the past, he's learned how to self-feed from the dog container and if we leave the pantry door open he'll eat whatever he can reach. We've learned to keep things off the counter, shut the pantry door, empty the open trash cans of candy/snack wrappers, etc. One of the places he's never gotten to is the middle of our kitchen table so we've placed items there to keep out of Max's reach. Right after Halloween, we had a large bucket full of candy left and we kept it on the kitchen table so we can randomly grab a snack when we wanted. Max had left it alone so we never worried about it (can you see where this is going...?). Last friday, I went out for some chores and came back a couple of hours later. I walked into the family room and noticed an empty skittles wrapper. Realizing that skittles wrapper used to be full of skittles and in the middle of the kitchen table, I walked back into the kitchen and realized Max had got between two chairs, put his front half on the table and slid the bucket of candy close enough wherein he began to graze like a horse out of the bucket. He must have had a fair share of candy because he left about 15 pieces in the bucket (and left the bucket on the kitchen table); however he had eaten about 50 pieces of halloween candy -- wrappers and all!

I was a bit worried about how all that sugar, chocolate, and wrappers would react inside of Max so I decided to keep an eye on him for the afternoon. If he took a turn for the worse, I would take him into the vet. He spent most of the time sleeping and wasn't in any discomfort. I knew he was perfectly fine when I was making my lunch and he came begging for food like nothing had happened. It took about 3 days but he finally started passing all the wrapper out which made picking up his poop REALLY interesting. Needless to say, we've stopped putting food on the kitchen table.


Nicole said…
Oh dear, naughty puppy. Must have been kinda funny though :)