Wine party

Last weekend we had our second wine tasting party, this time with white wines. We didn't have quite as many attendees as our red wine party which was good for two reasons. First, it wasn't quite so crowded and people all had chairs this time (last time there were a lot of standers and floor-sitters). Second, I could pour more wine in each glass instead of just a smidgeon. Rules were the same as the last party, everyone brings a wine under $20 and the group winner gets a small prize. We decided on Lord of the Rings theme this time so Mike made a cool scoring sheet with various LotR references.

When we had sent evites out for the party, we noticed a bit of a trend on the responses back. Several people were undecided because they had to work out childcare issues so we decided that wouldn't do at all. We ended up hiring a neighborhood teen to watch the kids in the basement which turned out to be quite a success. Not only were more people able to attend, but the kids (six total) ended up having a blast in the basement (ping pong, twister, snacks, movie, other kids). I think we'll definitely use that idea in future parties.

We had a total of 11 different wines, the winner was Leonard Kreusch Piesporter Michelsberg wine. Apparently Ben (the bringer of the wine) took his wine tasting seriously this time and tried 6 different wines before deciding on bringing this one.

The party was a lot of fun for us, we got to see friends we haven't seen for a while (not working makes it harder to see people regularly). Now we just have to decide what our next party will be about....perhaps mixed drinks?