Knitting needle case

For years my knitting needles have been stored in a pillowcase jumbled together. I never really thought about it much other than when I had to find matching needles and realized what a hassle it was. Then one day a few months ago, Cindy pulled out this really cool knitting needle case. It had individual pockets to store her needles and rolled up to make it easy to carry around. I thought it was very cool but not enough to buy one for myself.

A couple weeks ago I found myself rummaging for needles again and realized I had to do something so I went online (I love the interweb) to see what I could buy for needle storage. I didn't find anything I liked until I found this site. This was perfect! Not only did it store various needle sizes but it also stored dpn (double pointed needles) and circulars. Course the only problem is that I had to make it myself.

After reading the tutorial at least a dozen times over a few days, I felt confident enough that I understood what needed to be done. Picked up some fabric from Joann's, borrowed Sue's sewing machine and got to work. It took literally all afternoon and evening to complete the case but I think I did a really good job. The only difference from the tutorial is the binding on the outside of the case, I felt it gave more stability and looked nicer. Hardest part was cutting the fabric and making sure everything was the correct size. Its definitely not perfect, but the binding covers a lot of the little mistakes. I'm extremely pleased because I created everything from fabric, including the bindings and ties and it only cost me about $10. More pictures of the completed needle case are here.


Susan said…
Oh wow! It's doggies, blue and for knitting needles! It can't get much better than that! Awesome!!
Cindy and Gray said…
Great job Kathie! Now how about that dog bed cover? :-)
Branlaadee said…
Very cool! It looks great. I'll have to check out that site and see about making one for Gma.
Kathie said…
I'm ready and eager for my next sewing project, not sure if I'm ready for the dog bed though!

Brandy, the tutorial is written well, you would have no problems making this for gma. I bet she'd love it!