Herbie the love bug

We've had Herbie for about a week now. He's a great yellow lab, about 3 yrs old. He looks very similar to Harper, our previous foster so I would continually call Herbie Harper accidentally. Course I don't think Herbie knows his name yet so I'll just continue to confuse him while he's here with us.

Herbie has been very well-named by the rescue. All he wants to do is sit next to you and get lots of petting. He's got the arm-nudge down perfectly. If your hand is resting on your lap, he'll get his head under your arm and nudge it onto his head or neck for petting. He'll keep scooching closer until he is RIGHT next to you to make it easier for the petting. Herbie can get a bit annoying about the petting. Since our game chair is right at dog height (ie on the floor) he'll keep pushing at us while we game which gets very distracting.

No one knows his history. He wandered into the DC shelter with lots of scrapes, bumps, and bruises. The vet looked at him and said they were consistent with being hit by a car and scraped by the road. You'll notice lots of shaved areas on his body, those were his boo-boos that needed mending. He's doing great now.

Herbie is a hit-and-run eater. He'll grab a few bites of food, then wander around the kitchen, check out what we're doing, then grab a few more bites and repeat. It takes him 10-15 min to finish his food. As long as we're in the kitchen during this time our dogs don't eat his food; however there are times I forget and leave. That's when Max makes his move and eats the leftovers. Course that isn't the case for human food. Herbie seems to understand that human food tastes MUCH better than dog food. He's taken a potato chip right out of Mike's hand as it's come out of the bag on the coffee table. When there is food around, Herbie is intense at begging. Otherwise Herbie is a fantastic foster. He does really well at the bus stop with lots of parents and kids around. He'll go right up to the nearest person, plunk his butt down and wait for the petting to begin. Not much of a retriever but he does have random puppy-crazies when he's in the backyard. We only have him for one more week until he has to move to a new home.


Branlaadee said…
Kathie, Herbie is adorable! I love blonde labs. I hope they find a great home for him.