Saturday, October 13, 2007

Favorite thing in the world (currently)

Hard to believe earlier this year we were in the upper-80s, lower-90s since we're in the 60s now and it's gotten quite chilly especially getting into bed at night. As I was huddled under the sheets trying to get warm, I realized Sue was right, I needed a heated mattress pad. I figured I'd order one from L.L.Bean but lo and behold, Costco was selling them! It works great with dual-controls and pre-heat setting and they've come a long way from the electric blankets of my youth.

Having pre-warmed bedsheets is definitely a wonderful luxury and one I intend to keep using this entire winter.


Susan said...

Warm sheets! Warm toes! YES!! Now you just have to convince Max to let you share HIS nice pre-heated doggie bed...