Bye Herbie, Hello Maddy

We moved Herbie to a new foster home today and got Maddy (Madison) in exchange. Herbie has really grown on us in the past two weeks we had him. He's such a mellow, shy dog that he doesn't quite have a lot of personality (goofiness, affection, counter-surfing) that other foster labs have had; however some of his playfulness does start to come out after settling into the house.

I'm quite curious about his history because while he craves attention, he's not terribly affectionate. Unlike any other lab I've ever met, Herbie NEVER licks or gives kisses! He'll get close to us and sniff but the tongue never comes out. He never licked our dishes after dinner, even after watching our dogs. He sits as close to us as possible to get pet (and can get QUITE pushy about it), but he never just lays on us, or tries to climb into your lap, or any other lab-type behaviors.

Herbie is also the most submissive foster dog we've ever had. He's submissive even to Max! The most ridiculous is watching both of them submit to each other. They walk face to face, and both will turn their heads away and avoid eye contact. When Max play-bowed and pounced towards Herbie, Herbie ran to the far side of the room and hid --silly dog.

As long as he finds a home that wants to give him lots of attention and spoil him, I think his confidence will build (after all, Sheba had no personality until I spoiled her rotten). I do hope that is soon, he is a really sweet dog.

I'll post about Maddy in a week or so.


Branlaadee said…
I miss Herbie's face when I open your blog...but probably not as much as you miss his face. I hope Maddy enjoys her time with you!