LRR Reunion picnic

Last saturday was LRR's 14th annual reunion picnic. Every year, LRR reserves a large pavilion and provides food, games, and free rabies & bordatella shots. All volunteers and previous adopters are invited to come on by and brag about their dogs. Usually we'll have close to 80-90 dogs and over 100 people at the picnic. This year we kept it short (only three hours) because next year will be LRR's 15th year and we want to hold a large picnic with lots of activities, catering, games, etc.

On our way to the picnic, we moved Harper to another foster home. Actually this is a home she's been in before but she still had a lot of trouble re-integrating with the dog there. Harper is such a cutie-pie, I did really enjoy her company. I have to be honest and say if I didn't have Sheba, I'd be very tempted to adopt Harper. Unfortunately there can only be one Queen in our household and that is Sheba. I really do hope Harper finds a fantastic home.

This year we only had two games for the dogs: food eating contest, and egg carry. Each lab gets approximately 10 different foods; to win the labbie needs to eat every single item. The first few items are usually pretty easy (cheese, doritos, egg) and they get progressively harder (orange, cauliflower, snap pea, raw potato). We didn't enter the contest simply because Sheba is too picky (I know, can you believe it?!?) and Max is so methodical about his food he actually tastes it before it goes down his gullet so we knew he wouldn't get through it either.

For the egg carry, two lines are formed (similar to Red Rover game). One line has their dog and a raw egg, the other line is the receiving end. The egg is placed into the dog's mouth and sent to the other line (approx 50 ft away). The dog needs to carry the egg, without cracking it, and drop it (without the person prying it out of the dog's mouth). I am proud to say that Max co-won that contest! Max has such a gentle mouth that he's perfect for this game and he's won it in the past. He got a great little rubber squeaky toy as a prize.

The rest of the day involved eating grill food (or in my case feeding my food to the dogs) and swapping dog stories with everyone else. We got to see a few of our old foster dogs there, Maggie, Winston, Libby. Its always nice to see how much the adopters love and spoil their dogs, totally makes fostering a joy seeing what great homes these dogs have.

I'm looking forward to the huge picnic next year and hope to see lots of our old fosters there.


Susan said…
Wohooo, Max!! You stud, you!

I'll bet if you dipped all of Sheba's food in salad dressing that she'd be the winner by a mile! All hail the Queen!