Longest vet visit EVER

Like any doctor's office, we've often had to wait a long time to see our vet; sometimes as long as an hour before we're ushered into the room. In the past, we've had the brilliant idea of calling ahead to see how far behind they are but we've been told "Come on in, we're only about 10 minutes behind".....right.

Since we needed to take Sheba in to check on her increased wheezing/coughing and her weakening back legs, we decided to try for the earliest time available for our vet. She doesn't have office hours in the morning so we got a 4:20pm appt, first available in the early evening. Wonderously we only waited for about 10 minutes before we were brought in, and only another 5 minutes before our vet came in. Unfortunately in the middle of the exam, an emergency patient came in and she had to run out to take care of the cat. We found out the cat had problems breathing when he was brought in. The hospital did all they could but unfortunately the cat had to be put down.

I can certainly understand the need for being bumped for an emergency and I hope that would be the case if I ever had to bring one of ours in for an emergency. Unfortunately this happened to be one of those rare days I didn't bring my bag with me full of electronics (Nintendo DS, iPod) to keep me occupied so I had to just stare off into space while we waited.

We finally got back in to see the vet and continued our exam. We mentioned that in the past 6 mos, Sheba has mentally regressed in age. She's more playful, more affectionate and constantly ARFs at us. The vet said it is common in older dogs and compares it to senior senility in humans. It makes sense so we've decided that Sheba has doggie dementia but as long as she's happy, we're ok with it. Otherwise Sheba is just getting older and having all the normal issues of age. With luck though, she'll be with us for at least a couple more years before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

By the time we finished the exam and paid for the bill (one of our smallest ever), it was 7:30pm, 3 hours after we first arrived! Definitely not something I'd care to repeat again.


techno said…
Of all the things I've lost... I miss my mind the most!

Yellow dog maybe crazy, but she's still a beaut!