Ahhh, finally organized

My stitching stash (as well as knitting and crochet stash) has slowly been growing over the last few years as I find more cool stuff (or *ahem* have friends enable me to buy cool things). I've been using a spare closet in the foyer for couple years for all my storage but its been very ad hoc with various storage drawers and wire shelves in there. I've been thinking about putting in an elfa system for about a year to help with organization but I would always decide against it since the current system worked well enough.

This year I finally got sick of all the wasted space and cramming everything together the best I could. Container Store was having their bi-annual elfa sale so I finally just took the plunge and bought some shelves. I didn't realize but they cut everything to the right size before you leave the store with all the parts. Mike and I took two days to rip out the closet rod and shelf that was in the closet, putty the holes, sand everything down, and paint it all. We certainly could have put more effort into making it professional but we figured the shelves would cover most of it. After the closet was primed, it only took me about 1 hr to put in the hardware and set up all the shelves, very simple to use. Then of course the fun part of organizing all my stitching stuff.

Unfortunately I didn't think in advance or I would have taken a before picture; however I do have an after photo. I'm quite pleased with all the space I have now and its all so much easier to get to.

Course this means I have more space for more stash now!!


Susan said…
Wow... lookit all the room! You need to fill it up with 1: your birthday yarn and 2: all the loot you're gonna get at CATS this weekend!

*runs and hides*
Kathie said…
*sticks out tongue* I'm gonna make sure you get lots of loot at CATS too!