The Joy of Ebay

Whew, busy couple of days for us. We actually bought a PS3 to replace our dvd/network drive. The network drive player is awesome in that we can download movies/tv shows and watch them on the tv, but the dvd player was AWFUL. We finally pulled it out and put in one of our old dvd players, but that one seems a bit on the fritz too. Mike decided to get the PS3 because its one of the cheaper better high-def players AND it now has network functionality too. We used our Visa reward points to get some GC for Best Buy and splurged. Course we've also gotten hooked on some great download and PS3 games: Lemmings, Super Stardust, Oblivion (Mike), and Ninja Gaiden (Kathie).

We did take a few hours out of today to sell our old loot on Ebay though. Actually Mike had put the link player on ebay last week and it finally expired today. We got a nice chunk of change for it, so I decided to put our Gamecube and some games on ebay today. With a "Buy it Now" option, it went in literally 5 minutes so I did the same with our PS3 and games and that sold in about 15 minutes!! Ebay is great!!!

Now to play more PS3 until we drop.


timojhen said…
that'd be the quickest ownership (and turnover of a PS3 I've heard of!).

You actually sold the PS2 I'm guessing?

Kathie said…
Yep, sold the PS2 and all the games (minus Katamari). Gotta use that extra money for more PS3 games! :-)