Howling house alarm

I don't know how parents can be sleep-deprived for months without losing their sanity. Three days so far and I'm feeling pretty nasty. Harper is still rather high-strung about noises and she's now including a bit of howling within her bark, very beagle-like. When she hears something unfamiliar, she'll start barking/howling loudly; not just one or two barks but several in a row. She's been sleeping in our room at night on the floor, but the past three nights some noise wakes her up and she starts barking like mad. Mike and I are light sleepers so waking up to full volume barking wreaks havoc with our systems. We were hoping that she'd calm down to the various noises in the house after a few days but that doesn't appear to be happening yet. The next step may be to crate her in the family room at night and close our door. Course I don't think that will stop her barking but at least it won't be directly in our face.

Harper initiated play with Max last night! I was so proud when Max actually played with Harper for a short period before escaping into the crate. They've played a little tug-o-war with toys so far and a little bit of light wrestling. Harper is getting along quite well with our babies, although she is still really smitten with Sheba! Poor Sheba hasn't been this pawed in years.

Picture of Harper playing ball outside (she tore up a pad playing so we had to wrap it up). Couple more good shots of Harper here