Harper foster

We got a new foster in the house on Saturday. Harper is a 2.5 year old yellow girl. She looks very american/field but she has the softest fur which makes her extremely pettable. She's terrific with people, she loves affection and she behaves well, very much a sweetie-pie. Harper is a retrieving maniac! Not only will she play for as long as you throw for her (or until she passes out for a few minutes), but she has a nose that will sniff out ANY tennis ball ANYWHERE. She found old shredded balls all over the yard, even one under a pine tree. When we're indoors, we take away the tennis balls, so she brings us stuffed toys to retrieve.

While she's a really sweet dog with people, she has some issues with other dogs. Introductions with new dogs is always tough, lots of snarling, growling, snapping but after some time she settles right down and is fine. After the first intro, she's been fine with ours with the exception of a couple small incidents. At one point while retrieving, Max decided to get the ball thrown for Harper cause he was close to it. They both went to retrieve the ball, Max got there first and began to pick up the ball. Harper did NOT like that and bit poor Max on the chin. Max is fine, at this point he's gotten bullied, bitten, and intimidated by so many foster dogs that we expected this to happen. He just has another war wound to brag about. They've been fine together since then as long as Max doesn't get too close to Harper's face when she has a ball in her mouth.

Funny about Harper is that she plays EXACTLY like Sheba used to. Harper will dance on her front feet, playbow, then paw at Sheba's chest and back. Sheba is old and cranky at this point so she'll just bark at Harper. Too bad Harper doesn't want to play with Max, I think they could get some good wrestling/chasing sessions in.

Still haven't taken any pictures of Harper but I'll post them once we do.


Cindy said…
Can't wait to meet Harper the dog. I'll keep all of my knitting safely out of reach! :-)