Gaming fatigue?

Is it possible to play video games long enough to temporarily fry your brain? Spent a large amount of time today playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma on our new PS3. After reading through an FAQ, I realized I missed a large number of various jewels and misused my funds in the store (buying the wrong things) so I figured I'd start the game over again. I was able to do much better this time around but it still took me a few hours to back to Chapter 3, then I got a little further but had to stop before the third boss because i just couldn't work my brain any further. I tried Super Stardust but I couldn't get my mind wrapped around it either so I had to call it a night. I would definitely say I'm addicted to Ninja Gaiden Sigma (although I do die a LOT) and Super Stardust.

Unfortunately my stitching has been suffering because of my console playtime. I have got to finish my mailart and send it out the first week of September, but I haven't even started it. Thank goodness I already planned it out, I just need to stitch it at this point. THEN I have an autumn/halloween exchange which I haven't started either. So many things to do, so little time.